Top Five: Anniversary Week

ONE: Anniversary Party

3/5 of the Fitzgerald family, photo by Elizabeth Puddester 

3/5 of the Fitzgerald family, photo by Elizabeth Puddester 

Thanks for two years, downtown Annapolis! There have been many ups and downs along the way but we are so grateful to be a part of this community. The party was a hit, this past week broke all our sales records, we had breakfast for our anniversary dinner, and our dad surprised us at the party. Our parents, always playing it cool, told us they would MAYBE stop by so it was a true surprise when he walked in.

TWO: Coach x Peanuts

I've loved hapless Charlie Brown since I was a kid (who hasn't?) and was beyond excited to read about the Coach x Peanuts collaboration. 

I remember watching She's a Good Skate, Charlie Brown on repeat and laughing especially hard at the figure skating "dress" that Marcie made for Peppermint Patty. When Snoopy whipped out his sewing machine and saved the day with a tailored yet flippy number, I was in awe and NEEDED to learn how to sew.

I had the leather bookmark in my shopping cart this morning (really want Charlie B. specifically, haha, not Snoopy or Woodstock), headed out for a few hours, and now most things are sold out. So sad- the brick and mortar store (Bleecker Street) is now searching for one for me.

THREE: Sewing Machine Wanted

Speaking of sewing...

One of our regular customers, a German woman in her mid-20s, visited our shop the other day. When asked how she was doing, she blurted out that she was very unhappy and homesick lately. She is only here for a year and is having a hard time meeting people. She also misses sewing desperately and has not met a single person with a sewing machine she can borrow. I have one in NYC that I can bring back in a few weeks, but if anyone else has one to lend (and/or fabric yardage), it would be much appreciated. We have her contact details at the shop. 

Sewing machine available on Etsy.

FOUR: Quiet Waters Park this week

Farah drawing navettes (for our logo) in the gazebo- a throwback from October 2012:

Park information available here.

FIVE: The Paradise

The story of a young girl who works in a department store and gets caught up in the charms of the modern world.

Farah and I are hooked on BBC's The Paradise (the show description above is from IMDB)- it's been loosely compared to Downton Abbey. I think Downton Abbey is a better show- better writing, better acting, better costumes and sets, more complex themes- but as a shopgirl myself, I find this very fun to watch. It begins in 1875 and is adapted from Émile Zola's Au Bonheur des Dames. Literally, The Ladies' Delight, but this time, interpreted by the BBC. Sign me up. Ladies- sign yourselves up. It's streaming on Netflix.